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Dangerous headaches

Perhaps the headache is the most common reason for referral to a neurologist. But some headaches can be signs of a dangerous condition. Such a condition can be caused by the tearing of an artery in the brain and the bleeding of the brain, or by other dangerous causes, such as brain infection, increased brain pressure, brain tumors, and other rare causes.

dangerous headache


So it is important for all people in the community to be familiar with the symptoms of a dangerous headache so that they can prevent the occurrence of an irreversible condition by visiting the doctor on time.

If you catch the following symptoms, your headache may be dangerous:


  • Your headache comes on suddenly, quickly becomes severe, or could be described as "the worst headache of your life"
  • Your headache is severe and you also have a fever or stiff neck
  • You also have a seizure, personality changes or confusion, or you pass out
  • Your headache began right after you exercised or had a minor injury
  • You have not had headaches before and you also have weakness, numbness, or trouble seeing (migraine headaches can sometimes cause these symptoms, but you should be seen right away the first time these symptoms happen)